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Originally Posted by Smithy View Post
I'm trying to take your logo seriously, and not see the word "shit".

In all fairness, I'm sure you're good at what you do. I would contend, however, that heat treatment in thin sections like knives is vastly different than the industrial dimensions you're working with. While the chemistry may be the same, the dynamics of heating and cooling times in a knife cross-section, where the surface area:volume ratio is much different than the structural-looking examples on your website.

We've got a few professional metallurgists in our midst, and a wealth of practical experience heat treating knives. I'm quite comfortable with what I know and my current process, thanks.
Your assuming we don't dont run small parts and we don't have experienced heat treaters that don't have experience processing heart valves, gun parts, knifes, swords, and a long list of critical compoents.

Considering I was one of the peolpe that built our company up from a two car garage operation to what we are today, you comments regarding our name is not appriciated.

Please stay in your little world of smoke and mirrors convinced your way is best and that no one else has a clue.
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