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School me: using tire irons without puncturing tube

Well, I've decided to install tires for the first time in a while, this time for my Husqvarna TE610. :) I got the front (21") one on fine, but I'm having trouble with the rear (18"). Everything is going fine except I've punctured two tubes trying to get the last 18" of the last side of bead on when installing the rear tire.

I'm following these instructions: This has been a great resources. I've learned a lot from watching this guy, and except this issue everything else is going smoothly...

I have 8" motion pro tire irons, and some longer ones with slight bend on one side and more of a hook on the on the other side. I had the puncture happen with each style of iron aaaarrrrrggh!!!

A few questions:
1. How much pressure should I put in the tube to minimize risk of tire iron puncture?
2. Am I just stabbing the irons in too far?
3. Any other tips for avoiding this issue?

Gotta get this down in case I need to do this in the back woods :)

Any help would be appreciated!
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