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I have to agree about the Bintelli brand. They have a good pitch, but they are the same Chinese scooters everyone else is importing/selling under an almost infinite number of different names. The styling is instantly recognizable as Chinese. The Vibe 150 is the same GY6 Honda Joker clone the Chinese have been making forever. There is just no way you can sell a decent quality 150cc scooter for $1599. The Kymco Agility 125 is the single exception to the rule, though they are 125cc and cost over $2000 now. They are a very basic scooter, Kymco opted for quality over style. They may also be a loss leader, it's very possible Kymco is not making a profit on them, and is using them for advertising for repeat customers that will buy something bigger and more expensive next time. I did find something interesting on the Bintelli site I have never seen before. "Does not include shipping and prep fees that each dealer may choose to impose" Most Chinese and Taiwanese scooter dealers here do not "choose" to impose these fees, while Japanese dealers double or even triple them.

Money can be made selling Chinese scooters. It mostly seems to be a matter of luck. We have two scooter dealers here which sell Chinese scooters exclusively. Campus Scooter, and Performance Scooter. They are both located near ASU, and have been around for 3-4 years now. And Scooter Invasion is back to selling them, as "budget scooters" after almost going out of business some time ago because of them. I think if I were selling Chinese scooters, I would tell the potential customer about their poor quality, and that I did not recommend them, but sell them because some people want a scooter based only on low price. If they choose to buy one anyway, I would at least make sure they know what they are buying.
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