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Originally Posted by GB View Post
The Feds mandated that all bikes must have the shifter on the left and the rear brake on the right; British bikes at the time were the opposite.

IMHO, the Flash to Pass feature in North America is worthless and confusing to drivers. They don't understand it. Are you saying move out of my way? Are you ceding right of way if you flash someone coming out of a side street or making a turn? are you saying , triggering their road rage? I stopped using it long ago.. Drivers in Europe are more bike aware / bike friendly know exactly what it means and what to do. It was amazing to me to see this in motion on the autobahn in Germany. No left lane bandits there..

The light switch still has a flash to pass feature, you just use your thumb instead.
This is rather interesting to me. While flash to pass on my Ducati was ignored, the headlight modulator worked wonders, to the point that a firetruck pulled me over (lights/sirens then stopped behind me). The driver wanted to thank me as the modulator made me VERY visible to him. Considering in the first 10 miles on that bike I was almost hit three times by people who later claimed not to have seen me I was very happy with the modulator. Now if they made a CANBUS compatible unit...
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