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The first crimper is *adequate*, crimpers of that type tend to deflect before they make a good crimp. They're good in a pinch, but I wouldn't use one if I didn't have to.

The second type is a far better version of the first, the frame is stout enough that it isn't going to bend and twist before the connection is made. If you're on a budget and need a crimper for the shop, get that type.

If you have the $$ to spend, a ratcheting type crimper is the way to go. Expect to spend ~$60 on the tool and another $40 for each set of dies. In return, it will create a connection that is stronger than the wire itself.

As far as soldering crimped connections goes, it is an allowed practice in ANSI J-STD 001, the guideline most industries use for controlling soldered connections. If you feel you must back up a crimped connection with solder, the correct sequence is to crimp first and then solder. Going the other way around can damage the crimping dies.
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