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Originally Posted by DualsportWA View Post
A few questions:
1. How much pressure should I put in the tube to minimize risk of tire iron puncture?
2. Am I just stabbing the irons in too far?
3. Any other tips for avoiding this issue?
1. Enough to barely hold it's shape.
2. Yes and/or pinching part of the tube between the tire and rim.
3. Round off any sharp corners on your irons. Go slow, don't just jab them in there. Also if you're forcing something you're not in the right position. Reposition and try again. It's very much a feel thing that gets easier with practice. The first time I changed the tires on a bike I was by myself. It took me 2 hours and I felt like I just went 5 rounds with Dan Henderson when I finished. It got better.

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