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With Christmas soon approaching, it's time to make another present for a family member.

I saw a really cool video on youtube of a gentleman who made a fish sculpture using a tree stump, a hammer, a stick welder, and a grinder. I was very impressed and very much inspired by his video.

It has been in the back of my mind ever since I saw it...

I cut a chunk out of a nearly dead tree in my back yard.

The present will be for a female, so I think an interior decoration would be something different.

I use a scrap piece of 18ga from an old government surplus heavy duty shelf and get to work. This is going to be more of an art project than a welding project, but there will be some welding before it's over.

I use a ball peen hammer and just go for it. I've never tried this before. I pop in some ear plugs, crank the music, and crack a beer and sit back and relax as I swing the hammer.

The coolest part? This hammer is probably 100 years old. My Great Granddad gave it to my Granddad. It may have even belonged to my Great-Great Granddad. I love old tools. I love using old tools. Even cooler when it has some family history and experience on it.

After 2 hours of hammering (which felt like 20 minutes), it's far enough along to where I can cut out the excess with a cutting wheel and dress the edges with a flapwheel. It still needs a good bit of hammering until I am satisfied.

That's all for now. It's interesting just to try something completely different every now and then.
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