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Originally Posted by Midnullarbor View Post
Any mention yet of objective performance of the LED lights?

I mention that, because LED lights tend to have a poor projection pattern, with too much light spilling out a very wide angle onto road & objects very close [actually uselessly close for riding purposes] to the bike.
This reduces the effectiveness of the illumination of the distant road ~ but yet giving the psychological impression of greater overall brightness.
I'm sure it will suck

Key was not in bike so no way to see the light or the dash display, although in a bright show hall, it wouldn't tell you much. From those that saw the light demoed prior to the start of the show, I heard it described as very bright, for what that's worth. RE: LED lights, I have one on my mt bike and do a lot of night riding with it and its every bit as good as a 4x pricier HID light that was generally regarded as the best bike light a few years ago. I have no doubt though that there are poorly made LEDs out there with improperly designed reflectors that provide poor illumination, the same as with HIDs used with the wrong type of reflector.
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