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another bad sleep

I live in BC Canada, and yep we got bears. Lots of them. We do a lot of backpacking, dual sporting etc. into areas with bears.
There is some great advise posted here as is the regular info. that we have all read about sleeping in bear country.
When it comes down to sleeping well doing every thing your told to do still wont give you a good night sleep.
After taking precautions the rest is in our minds. The fear still lingers.
Set up camp where you believe is the safest location. Closer to people, buildings, highways, public campgrounds etc.
Even camping around light makes us feel safer. I even set up my tent with my bike on one side and a rock for eg. on the other.
I also take sleeping pills when in my tent as if your a light sleeper you'll need all the help you can get.
Getting attacked by a bear is like getting hit by lighting. Chances are it ain't gonna happen. But the fear is there right.
The better you make yourself feel the better chance of sleeping good.
Besides if you get attack chances are it will be over with quick,,,,, after the second attack.....
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