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Originally Posted by Tom S View Post
Ainít that the truth. They wonít suddenly go bad & leave you stranded like a lot of the electronics will.

And if there is a problem with a carb I can usually find the problem & fix it on the spot.

Does this include DR 650's???

Hard to see WTF those little electrons are doing. .
Manual transmissions seem to last forever. I did have to change the clutch on my old snow plowiní 1971 Bronco last year. Original clutch, had seen 40 years of very hard use. It would still be in there if one of the three pressure plate finger bolts had not broke.
The clutch disk was overdue anyway.

I really hate automatic transmissions but you canít even buy a lot of new cars or trucks with a standard transmission anymore. That just ainít right.
There are now a lot of people that canít drive a stick shift car. That don't seem right either.
Even some that I *think* can drive a stick shift are completely baffled when faced with a ďThree on the treeĒ.

BTW, I hear you ran into my friend & a fellow worker of yours from years ago, Don D. We graduated high school together but didnít hang out back then & he only lived a block away from me. He didnít hang out with the little bit wilder ...emm, ... cool guys back then I guess.
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