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Originally Posted by jesusgatos View Post
Yeah, I think a high-quality 1/4" extension would be fine for 7/8/10/12/13/14mm bolts, but the only thing I'd want to use a 17mm on would be something like a float bowl. Will have to run these things through FEA to confirm, but think they'll be plenty strong enough for smaller hardware and will save a bit of space without have any real downsides that are typically associated with multi-tools.

Thanks for the answer. Hope the tests prove out for you.

I'm a huge proponent for minimizing the load and anything that saves weight and space I'm a supporter. I've transitioned from a 1/4" T handle driver and socket bits to the Motion Pro (but weld the damn piece like I posted about earlier in the thread) to save some weight/space. In addition to the sockets it has replaced my screwdriver which is nice. The hex bits I prefer L shapped hexes for my carb work.

Two concerns I have with something like this idea Jesusgatos:

A place where these may not be able to replace your wrench set is when you need two wrenches at once ie adjusting a chain.

Second is I would be giving up the box end part of the wrench which is the portion of the wrench used to break loose or torque down bolts. I would be nervous only having the open end of the wrench and nothing else. Any thoughts on this?

Currently utulizing stubby wrenches to save a bit if weight/space but not enough time on them to pass judgement.
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