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Originally Posted by HeyWhatever View Post
4. Forget about wearing a bra, as a tight leather jacket will do you the same justice.
That is definitely NOT and option for this girl. I can't even begin to imagine how uncomfortable that would be, not just going over speedbumps and the like, but with boob sweat and all (suddenly noticed the lack of any large-racked smilies on this website!)

I'm not a commando girl, either, but I don't buy any high-end undies for my travels, just a couple pair of normal cotton ones. I do, however, make sure they're cute because with all the not shaving, infrequent showering, and general lack of maintenance I feel like I need something to make me feel pretty at the end of the day. Cute undies and black eyeliner does the job just fine

I agree with you on the other points, however! Traveling as a woman does not have to be such a high-maintenance ordeal!
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