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Have had some quality riding time with the helmet and must say I'm very happy. It fits my head perfectly and is very comfortable. At 70 mph, the helmet exhibits less of the effects of buffeting than my other helmets and I've had no issues at all with visor lift at high speed. I have tilted my head back at 75 mph and the visor doesn't catch air. The shield stays in its positions at 70-75.

Venting may flow less than the XD - if the shield is open it blocks the forehead vent so it doesn't flow as much.

Without the chin curtain in, a lot of air flows up into the front so when the temps dropped it was noticeable

Pingvin, you'll be happy to know I experienced the sunscreen/nose issue today. After working it a few times, it seemed to loosen a little and finally locked into place just a bit lower than previously and in high wind or if I tilted my head up slightly it contacted my nose. I may dremel out the nose slot a little bit or just leave it up a little. I could see how it could be an issue under the right conditions.

Have not tested it in rain yet.

I think I finally got lucky and found a great helmet for my head shape and riding setup
Will go ahead and order a couple of spare shields methinks... heck I might order another helmet and stash it away seems like every time I find something good they change it or stop making them
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