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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
So, what is wrong with you that you can't repair a flat tire?
I learned to do it pre-teen.
So did I. On an old beat up Bultaco dirt bike. Huge difference in laying that on it's side, and messing up a nice new street bike. Bikes used to come with centerstands. There was a reason for that. There still is. The same reason. So why don't they have centerstands any more? They certainly never did any harm, nor were they expensive.

Now everybody wants new technology, FI, ABS, traction control, but they are still happy with tires that use late 19th century technology. So how does that make sense?

And I have improvised a way to fix flats on an XT225 and a Rebel 250. In the form of a stand that bolted to the right side footpeg brackets, forming a centerstand when combined with the stock sidestand. Using it required removing the right side footpeg. Not likely to work on a large heavy bike, or one that does not have a location to bolt something to the right side, like a bike with welded on footpeg brackets. Goldwings still have centerstands. So does the BMW R-GS. Why? they both have tubeless tires. You can buy aftermarket centerstands for many bikes, the DR650 and KLR650 come to mind. If they did not sell, why would they still be on the market after all these years?
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