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Originally Posted by chicharino View Post
I've no dog in this fight, I enjoy Smithy's post here and on other sites. That said, he got his hackles up quick and this thread has devolved to a cock measuring match. Also you seem to be a bit of a sycophant with your go get him Smithy, oh yeah Smithy posts.
Originally Posted by nimrod View Post
This has been a few sad days. One person I've grown to respect and another who to me is simply offering interesting information. This is not Jo momma and I expected better. Hoping this ends and we can continue with the task at hand.
At the risk of being lumped in as a sycophant, are you guys serious?

fritzcoinc was insulting, condescending and full of negative assumptions from the start. Smithy kept to the high road the whole time.

If you can't see that already, I'm sure I won't convince you.
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