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Travels With Barley
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I also love my Exped pad, especially in cold weather! I have two sleeping bags depending on the time of year: a goosedown Marmot mummy for cold or a synthetic for summer. For a tent I use a Nemo Losi 3P. Plenty of room for me, the dog, and all our gear. I need the extra room because Barley's paws twitch when he dreams.

JetBoil. Couple of headlamps. Battery powered tent fan in extremely hot weather to keep Barley cool in that fur coat of his. Spork, Camp Suds, bear spray, kibble and a few dog toys.

The item that has come in very handy on several occasions is a 16x16 Noah's Tarp. If it's raining I set that up first, then pitch the tent underneath it. That way all my gear stays dry and more importantly, so does Barley. It's no fun sleeping with a wet dog!

Oh, and a bottle of 15 year old Glenfiddich for my nightly toast to a late great dog by the same name.
I got a sidecar to travel with my dog. He never complains, is delighted to be with me, approves of my dietary choices, is a social butterfly who helps me meet folks, appreciates a good beer, snuggles better than my wife, and hangs on my every word as if it's the most profound thing he's ever heard.
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