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You are correct with almost all of the LED after market lights/aux lights on the market today.

LEDs are more of a point source of light than halogen, etc so the traditional reflector system does not work well at all for the. LEDs need sophisticated lens design in front of them to focus/manage the light correctly.

Most aftermarket people just buy the LED chip assembly, stick it in a more or less traditional housing/reflector and sell it.
A couple have added some poorly design cheapo lens to help a bit. they can get away with this because < at least in the US, there is essentially no law enforcement of aux light beam pattens. Head lights have clear beam pattern defiitnition to be the car and motorcycle manufactures must pay close attention

I don't know of any one in the motorcycle industry that has properly design an LED head light system. Looking at the pictures of the new GS, it may be the first....just don't know yet. I hope bmw gets it right

sooner or later some LED aux light producer will take the time and spend the design money to get the aux light beam patterns up to snuff....and make the LED light much better than they are now.
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