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Some important information for you is David’s race number which is 102 and Ingo is 101. If you have good internet access and are prepared to deal with the time differences, there is live tracking during the event. Go onto and pick up the information from there. You can put the race number in, and it will show you when he has reached the waypoints. Word of warning, sometimes things do not register, and you go into a tizz because your rider is not there, jump to next waypoint and see if he has arrived at that one. Don’t be frightened to play around with it – but it does become addictive. We will update on the FB page, David Reeve’s Dakar 2013 Challenge as often as possible.

Silly things now need to be sorted out, trying to arrange three different types of currencies, work out the cost of fuel in each country, find maps of Lima so we don’t miss out Technical checks and know where the port is in Lima to retrieve our vehicles. Lima is massive and has appalling traffic congestion, so apparently an hour to do 20 kms is normal. Proof of vaccinations, proof of ownership of car, bike, and presumably yourself, medical forms, insurance forms, bizarre directives from the organisers which confuses us all as it goes from French to English, translated by a Hollander, German, Zambian and a female – we come up with a few versions of what it is meant to say. The dreaded email “Major Alarm” had us all at panic stations. The thought of having to pack for nearly a month away from home, and keep it light is beginning to dawn on us all. Charles has so many gadgets that I don’t think he will have any space for clothes!

Well as Bugs Bunny would say – That’s All Folks, I won’t be writing any newsletters until end January/beginning of February 2013. However, we have engaged a photographer to put pictures up on FB each day for us, and I will try and write a little info each day and keep up a journal whilst hanging onto the panic handle in the VW as Charles screeches around the Andes on the wrong side of the road.

Keep us in your thoughts and have a super New Year. We will be up (not because we are partying, but Ingo arrives about 30 mins before midnight! Just in time to have a cup of hot chocolate and get sent to bed.)

To our precious families – we really will miss you and thanks for letting us go racing!

Happy New Year to you all and may 2013 be all we wish and hope for.
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