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Originally Posted by Midnullarbor View Post
Any mention yet of objective performance of the LED lights?

I mention that, because LED lights tend to have a poor projection pattern, with too much light spilling out a very wide angle onto road & objects very close [actually uselessly close for riding purposes] to the bike.
This reduces the effectiveness of the illumination of the distant road ~ but yet giving the psychological impression of greater overall brightness.
Don't confuse spot/fog lights with a proper led headlight. In Europe anyway the lights will have to focus the same as any other headlight. I imagine the same is true in the states since they have just been approved. By the looks of the low beam light the led is attached to the bar in front and shining backwards onto the reflector that will focus it. The high beam has several led sources that look like mini projectors. Maybe these focus onto different places to fill the road better?
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