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Thanks Brian, I rode them both back to back just to see how much different they felt. Wow , no comparison. The Berg feels like an F1 rocket . The 525 feels slow to rev & wont hold a line nearly as well. I have already done the tail light from Paul, rad fan, fuel sock . The biggest improvement has been taking off the tiller handlebars & putting on the narrow bars from the older KTMs. This greatly reduced steering effort & weighty feeling in the tight stuff where I ride mostly. It took a little effort to get all the switchgear back on but is well worth it . Now I dont have to go throgh the Pines with the frt wheel partly cocked to make it throgh the 32 inch width trails. Also not working out the Cycras nearly as much. It really is the closest thimg to 2T handling as I have felt in a 4T. I have 2 gear setups & extra rear wheel. 15/45 & 13/50 with extra chain. I prefer13/50, but right now I am running 13/45. I like the 13 because it really helps lofting the frt. over large obstacles. Also makes it feel lighter to me. I dont do enough trips to justify a subframe tank. .Cheers
Another option that is cheaper than a sub frame tank that I do also, and which will probably make people scream on this site, is a couple of 2 liter soda bottles. I ride long distances into the back country where no fuel is available and which drain both the stock tank and the subframe tank. I purchased two of Maxpedition's round bags which come with military style webbing and straps. A two liter soda bottle full of fuel fits inside of them easily and they mount to my existing luggage securely because of the straps and military webbing. It was a lot cheaper than the Safari tank, which I still could use in the country I ride, but it's nice having that extra gallon of fuel on board.
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