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Originally Posted by tattewell View Post
Probably about as much good as talking about Aprillia's and quoting the same pic over and over
You might be right. On the other hand, there are quite a few people here who LOVE their 690. I realize they have their issues.. but really, what bike doesn't?

It might be wrong, but like others I take comments like this personally.
"Excellent attempt KTM, but you shit the bed on waaaaaay too many issues to attempt to fix"
It does not add to the conversation because it is broad statement/opinion of a problem with the only solution getting a different bike. For many in the US, 660 tenere, African twin, ect are not an option so we make due. When KTM stopped the 640adv, this became the next best thing. (better in my opinion)

This thread helped me quite a lot when prepping my RTW bike. I would hope that others can pull the GOOD information out and not be turned off to the 690 by the negative comments like yours. So if you want help with your specific 690 issues .. just ask

If not, I hope you have fun with your African Twin. You will never see me post in the AT forum my opinion about if its any good or not. Cheers. ride safe.
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