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You might be right. On the other hand, there are quite a few people here who LOVE their 690. I realize they have their issues.. but really, what bike doesn't?

It might be wrong, but like others I take comments like this personally.
"Excellent attempt KTM, but you shit the bed on waaaaaay too many issues to attempt to fix"
It does not add to the conversation because it is broad statement/opinion of a problem with the only solution getting a different bike. For many in the US, 660 tenere, African twin, ect are not an option so we make due. When KTM stopped the 640adv, this became the next best thing. (better in my opinion)

I'll second this thought. Among the guys I ride with, there are many 690's and very very few problems with up to around 20k miles. The thread helps me learn about what could happen and about solutions that might exist. It's definitely not perfect, but I can't think of another bike out there that I'd rather own for the types of riding I prefer.

My bike did die on me a couple of months ago in the middle of nowhere. Had a brief moment of panic until I realized my tank bag had nudged my key to the off position on a fast bumpy 2-track. :-)

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