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Wound up some years ago when I first got on the job with a WWII Colt 1911 and a Fabrique National 9MM (Browning Hi-Power), which was a war souvenir with Nazi markings. Both were bring homes from WWII vets I was working with. Also got a Luger the same way.

I wound up selling the Colt first because it didn't feel as nicely made, or fit my hand as well as the FN. Also was loose as could be and not very accurate.

The FN was a great gun, never failed to fire and held 17 rounds in the German stamped mags. It had come with 2 mags and the original holster.

I eventually sold it many years later to a collector because it was too big, as far as I was concerned, for off duty carry. Sold the Luger to a collector also.

Still have fond memories of the FN.

Good luck with yours.
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