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Seat Concepts Upgrade- KLX450R

An easy and very necessary upgrade for my KLX450R was a Seat Concepts foam & cover. The stock seat was about as comfortable as a fence rail and I decided to go the Seat Concepts route after hearing good reviews from some trusted friends.

When you buy the foam & cover, you can either send your stock seat in to Seat Concepts and have them install it for a fee or you can install it yourself. I chose to install it myself.

I did find that my manual & electric Arrow staplers would not drive the 1/4 staples into the seat pan, so I purchased a Central Pneumatic 20 Gauge Wide Crown Stapler #68029 for $20 (after using a 20% off coupon). It uses standard Arrow staples that are available just about everywhere.

The way I look at it, I didn't have to wait for the seat to be done and the price of the tool is less than the installation fee that is offered, and I get to add the tool to my collection - Win-Win!

Anyways, on to the installation.

The first thing I had to do was remove all of the staples from the stock seat. I pulled them out using a screwdriver & a pair of pliers.

Next, I simply pulled the cover and foam off of the stock plastic seat pan- it came off easily.

Here is a view of the the stock cover & foam, the seat pan, and the Seat Concepts cover & foam-

You can see that the Seat Concepts is wider in the rear than stock.

I then removed as much of the old adhesive as possible from the seat pan and fitted the new foam - a perfect fit!

Per the instructions, I then sprayed the seat pan and the area of the foam that meets the pan with some 3M spray adhesive and joined the two together.

After making sure that they aligned properly and letting it sit for 30 minutes or so, I pulled the cover over the foam-

I flipped it over and then started tucking in the front-

the rear too-

Then I stretched the cover evenly and stapled the cover to the seatpan. When I felt confident that I had the cover on correctly, I trimmed off the excess cover material - there ya go!

The top-

This was IMO a very easy upgrade and worth every penny!
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