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Quit the squabbles, if you guys are going to beat the keyboard, how about drumming up something for me trouble shoot on this ill 690.

It's illogical to me that injector cleaning will make the difference given how well the bike runs as long as it's not hot. But I did it anyway.

I am curious for opinions on fuel pressure. In the first vid you can see some gas hit the floor but I'm mostly able to contain it. My thumb's not been calibrated to 55 psi -> should this firehose on me or does it seem right that I can stop it?

And for you who've been thinking of an injector cleaning it is quick and easy even for FI noob like me. I do wish I had access to ultrasonic that some of you like but since I have acetone and compressed air on hand that's what I used.

I'll take it out for a spin this afternoon - see what happens but don't think I've done anything helpful, just fooling around.

Here is the pressure vid - seems good enough?

Injector is right under the air box - disconnect electrics then out with the phillips head (butter - careful.)

Once removed you need a power source to open it if you are going to blow compressed air through it. I used a 12v battery from a drill.

You can hear the injector activate when you close the circuit.

I put it in some acetone then blew compressed air out.

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