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KX450F Rear Fender Upgrade for my KLX450R

When I bought the KLX450R, it came with a Tusk Dual Sport kit installed.

I immediately noticed that the rear fender light/license plate holder assembly was bolted on top of the fender instead of the normal location below the fender.

The stock KLX450Rs came with a running light (not a brake light) in the rear fender so I knew that the previous owner put the rear assy on top to cover the hole.

Here is how it was when I got it-

I removed it from the rear fender and there was the hole-

So I ordered a rear fender for a 2008 KX450F from Dennis Kirk (about $45 shipped IIRC) and after removing the old fender, laid them side by side for comparison-

In this view you can see that the new fender does not have the tab (with a hole) to hold the ocoolant overflow bottle hose or a hole for the wiring to the tail light-

I can fix those two items!

I cut the tab off of the old fender and bolted it to the new fender -

And drilled a hole for the wiring-

I also had to drill a hole to mount the voltage regulator-

There was a piece of heat insulation that I moved from the old fender to the new-

Completed the wiring- (notice the coolant overflow bottle tab)

Looks mucho better!

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