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Originally Posted by RaY YreKa View Post

This bike is primarily a Euro bike, where off-roading is limited, and running costs are high (and rising), and the new A2 licence means anyone under 24 has a maximum of 47bhp to play with.

Some of the aims of the new 500 (low ownership costs, plenty of OEM add-ons, low insurance) will appeal to riders outside the target market. Maybe in emerging markets like India and Brazil these 500s will be 'premium' purchases. Maybe in the USA these bikes will be a KLR-cheap-ass alternative.

But the CB500X is in no way, shape or form an off-roader.

Tbh, the lack of a global perspective on bike ownership is getting a bit fucking irritating.

The motto of this site is Ride the World. And the world, rides.
Just curious what is required for a bike to be considered "an off-roader?"

Seems these guys did pretty well on bikes far heavier and with far less suspension travel than the new 500x. Does that make them posers?
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