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Originally Posted by dragoon View Post
One of the Australians that I met in india is coming to visit in April. Similar to what sqott asked awhile back but from a point t of view of someone that has never been to the US. He is going to stay here for about a week then head to Washington DC then to new York city. I'm thinking very American. Thought about asking swing to set up a shooting deal since there aren't many guns in oz. Maybe a major league baseball game in Pittsburgh, tour a steel mill, check out the amish, things almost on a touristy scale that we might take for granted. I have someone that can give him a tour of the statehouse. Thought about asking devil dog to get us out on lake Erie, a kayak trip down one of the rivers. I'll have to do some local stuff also like Green's Tea Room, the agriculture we have here, maybe a meth lab or 2. There will be some motorcycles involved so maybe an overnight trip to WV.

What would you show someone within a 300 mile radius that has never been to the US before.

And yes Indy can film it
If you are going to go to Wheeling for Cabelas keep going down the road a little ways and get some ribs at DJ's

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