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So much for anonymous gun turn ins.

I was at one in Brooklyn and a guy handed in a US marked single action Colt in excellent condition. I almost started moaning.

The turn in was at a church, but staffed by members of the NYPD firearms unit. I asked them if that gun would be destroyed, and was told it would be taken back to their HQ and kept for historical purposes, as in their firearms museum. I saw several other collectibles including M-1's, M-1 carbines, and lots of rifles with expensive scopes being turned in. A huge pile of gun cases also started growing on the floor. Would have been nice if they gave the scopes and cases back to the owners to sell separately.

I often wonder if that Colt ever made it back to their HQ.

I handed in a couple of junk .22 rifles, a starter pistol, and a broken BB rifle, and got back enough to buy my son a new Mossberg pump shotgun, and myself a Marlin Papoose.
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