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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
I do understand you did not like the bike, and have no problem with that.
It's fairly interesting. I actually did like riding it when we had it. But given the comparisons I have now, I wouldn't buy it again.

Btw: with fragile I mainly meant that it doesn't take drops very well. At least ours didn't. Might have been bad luck. Also the whole fairing assembly is not what I would like.

And again: I'd soooooo love to see that engine in something more interesting for me. Like give it a 20L tank, pulled low over the sides of the engine to get weight down, put it on a decent enough suspension (comparable to Tiger XC), put on properly sized forks, all in a main frame with bolted on steel subframe, narrow exhaust and no plastics standing out on the rear, very narrow fairing or just a good, adjustable windshield. That would be an awesome contender in the market. It just couldn't compete on price anymore (clarification: it wouldn't be several thousand dollars cheaper anymore than bikes in the same class). And I'm not certain people would buy a higher priced Suzuki.

I know that the Wee is super reliable and if I were to commute on a bike, I would consider one again. Just not with my current situation in life. I just want a bit more quality feel when wrenching and riding. And the Wee (2006 model) didn't give that to me. I could have kept it and be happy riding it around, but I just have so much more fun on other bikes. And given the little spare time I have, "quality" of fun is important.
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