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Originally Posted by Global Rider View Post
Still too finicky with respect to charging. FLAs can take more abuse and we all know how abused batteries are.

Catch bottle with cotton.

But the problem is you do have drain. The advantage of the insignificant self discharge in a VRLA battery is insignificant compared to what the standby drain is in all vehicles. You have to disconnect the battery or use a maintainer. Not a "plus" unless you plan to store the battery on a shelf.

Rant on. Somebody will get paid off and the deal will go through. If you think corruption only exists outside of North America, you're dreaming.
come on ... welcome to 2012 .. AGM is hands down better than wet lead acid!!! where is this harder to charge AGM stuff coming from?

granted if AGM goes completely dead, waking AGM up takes big honking amps. but batteries of all types when drained completely dead will pretty much kill it.

one of the biggest disadvantage of wet PB is high self discharge... bikes by their nature gets ridden from daily to every other month or once a season.

if one is committed to maintaining wet PB, then fine it will last a long long time. but most folks including me are lazy. they forget to put on battery tender. in short order wet PB are sulfated to point of non-recovery. I'd say most battery replacements are from going dead due to non-use vs wearing it out from too many cycles.

some modern bike have relatively high parasitic. those need tenders no matter what.
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