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had to order a new narrow friction disk (first one installed). accidentally threw the old one out, but considering it was pretty badly worn, I'm guessing it needed to be chucked anyway. also ordered new pressure plate springs. got all the parts a couple days ago but haven't had time to do the work yet. will be on it tomorrow after work.

Rekluse gave me their install instructions and apparently since some of the older bikes, like mine, have judder (cushion) spring and seat plate, re-using them (w/ the narrow friction disk) as the first friction plate to be installed is optional. I previously left them out when I initially installed the Dyna Ring. I'll put them back in this time and use the new pressure plate springs. they were original as far as I know (i.e. 13 yrs old) and the Rekluse guy said they were probably "sacked out". springs it is.

also, I've been reading a lot about the oil. lotta guys are suggesting Shell Rotella, but there are just as many people who say the oil doesn't matter that much. so we'll see. I'll keep it in mind, but best to start with fresh parts and a proper installation to see what that does.
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