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Day 4

I did a poor job of recording thoughts for this day, so I'll just make some stuff up.

The morning ride saw me heading up the Colorado River. On the way there were dozens of signs for “Wild Burros on the Road”. I finally found some! (Click for full size.)

They didn't seem bothered by cars or motos. The little gray one kept an eye on me and the rest just chilled on the side of the road, doing whatever it is that burros do. I moved on towards the Parker Dam. There sure are a lot of dams in Arizona. I've only ever heard people talk about the Hoover Dam, and how it's so impressive, etc. Well the Parker Dam was no slouch either. Not quite as refined as the Coolidge Dam, though.

The dam lakes never failed to offer great vistas, and this one (Lake Havasu?) was no exception.

I went through Lake Havasu city on London Bridge Road. Apparently, the original 1831 London Bridge was sold by the city of London in 1962 to an entrepreneur, Robert McCullough, who was also the founder of Lake Havasu City. Who knew that there was a market for used bridges? I briefly spotted the bridge but I didn't stop for pictures. It was morning rush hour and I was feeling the call of the desert.

Every now and then, you need to get your kicks.

I passed through part of the Mojave Desert on New York Mountain Road. This place is amazing. It has an other-worldly feel to it. I definitely want to go back!

I have a love/hate affair with sand. Today was love.

I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles.

Oh yeah.

I passed through Las Vegas, because why not? I'd never been and I figured a quick taste couldn't hurt. Traffic there is horrible, especially when you're trying to simultaneously (i) not get run over, (ii) take in the sights, and (iii) not get run over.

I was enjoying myself, but I can only abide sitting in traffic for so long. I got back to the interstate and headed over to Boulder City to call it a day and find something to eat. I found a nice little motel.

Watched the sun set.

And went to get a brisket burger at Dillinger's. Dillinger's is a great little restaurant with a nice owner, he talked to me and everyone else who was there that night. They have a food challenge too, you have to eat two huge brisket burgers and a double order of fries in under half an hour I think it was? I was hungry, but that meal could have beaten me in a bare knuckle boxing match.

Boulder City is a cool little town. If I ever go to visit Vegas again I'll probably stay there to avoid the madness of downtown. I highly recommend it. And say hi to the Blues Brothers while you're there.

The motel was pretty nice, but there was a big group of old people who weren't. They were right next door (in the nearly empty motel) partying like they owned the place until well past midnight. Even after I very grumpily went outside to tell them to keep it down. Damn kids, get off my lawn!
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