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Originally Posted by cug View Post
Agreed. The Wee is cheap. Not just in price. It's a great and reliable bike and if the price is one of the main points, go for one. But be aware that you're getting budget components all over the bike in places you might or might not expect.
More budget than another $8500 bike that has similar capabilities? I mean, if all you have to compare it to are 12-13k bikes then yeah, it might seem a bit cheap in some areas. (Of course if we're talking full price, we should be talking 2012+ dl650, too)

It is damn hard to find another bike that splits the difference between loaded up distance, fuel efficiency, and twisties like the strom, especially at its pricepoint - I know, I've been trying for months (and I am even willing to spend more). Frankly, I think the strom threads belong in road warriors, but I am apparently alone on that point :)

If you don't have the money (or are just into the whole austerity thing) you can do a lot worse than a dl650.
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