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New shock options for the ural

Hello all,
I am in the midst of designing rebuildable shocks for the URAL. My suspension company, Monster Performance, is out of New York, USA. We specialize in snowmobile and atv shock service & repair. We are a leading service center in the U.S. and Canada for servicing shocks on sleds, atv and some dirtbikes. We are a FOX, ELKA, and ZBROZ dealer as well! Please feel free to look us up on the various sled and atv forums!

We have some shock prototypes built already but have limited access to URAL's here in the northeast. I have a friend with one nearby but there are variances that I cannot assertain without the feedback from customers.

The units will all be rebuildable and valved to the riders needs. The shocks will be serviceable by the owner with basic tools and our step by step procedures. Of course we want you to send them to us here in New York but people overseas may not be able to do so, we understand.

*1/2" shafts with possibility of 5/8" on sidecar shock
*wide range of spring preload adjustability on a threaded body
*optional remote resevoir compression adjustability on sidecar and rear of bike
*possibility of dual stage springs for rear of bike and side car. this stacked spring combo is very popular on snowmobiles and atv's
*LIFETIME WARRANTY on shock against defect
*lightweight bodies, reuse stock springs in some cases to reduce cost
*IFP design versus emuslion design. seperating nitrogen charge VS mixing them is a great benefit for the owner

*your year, model, CC size and trim info?
*any pertinent shock info, sizing, etc you have found
*specific measurements as follows
**shock eye width, top or bottom fork, eyelet ID, thru mole in MM and bolt diameter
*fork ID in MM preferably
*physical shaft coming out of body w/o bump stop and with bump stop, do not include eyelet profile heigth
*eyelet total heigth, spherical end. top to where the shaft and eyelet meet
*spring freelength if you happen to have it off the machine, ID of both ends too

We appreciate any info certain people can provide and will reward them with deep discounts on our shocks or parts needed. We want to compare your specs to ours so far to assure fitment and options available.

Thank you!

Ian Monster Performance
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