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I had a similar issue a few moths ago, except mine showed a TPS error. Turned out to be a bad regulator/rectifier. Check the voltage at the battery and monitor while the bike is running. If you see a voltage spike above 14.4 volts it could be the RR. What happends is that the high voltage spike from the RR confuses the ECU via one of the sensors. In my case it affected the crank position sensor which artificially advanced the ignition timing causing the ECU to move the throttle body stepper motor resulting the the TPS sensor error..
My voltage spikes were above 15V but only for less than a second. Cycling the ignition ket seems to reset the issue until it occured again. I switched to a MOSFET RR and runs great now.
Thanks for the reply! I think I found the issue. It appears to be a bad connection inside the wiring harness ECU connector. I can make the problem go away and re-occur by futzing with the wire right at the connector. Anybody knows who manufactures these plugs for KTM?
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