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south fork of the owyhee and beyond

after a nice break in the town of Owyhee, headed west on the road to infinity "Bia-9"

passed juniper basin reservoir, many herds of pronghorns on the lake shore eating the mouth watering grasses

big bull cow in picture center, he was outnumbered by the pronghorns, but stood his ground

still on the T2 route for a few more miles, we choose to go right and stay in Idaho

after about 20 miles of rocky 2 track on top of the mesa and offically off the T2 route, we arrived at the owyee river canyon. The sun was starting to set fast, so started looking for a place to camp

really hard to imagine a boater pulling a boat down the last 20 miles of pan head, silt filled 2 track. The sign-in sheet didn't have too many names on it

passed 45 ranch main house on our right then found a good place to ford a mile or so later

still a good flow for this time of year

no problem crossing, we scanned for a place to camp but the entire area was marked private 45 ranch and no camping. Also the ground was covered in cow pies, so we kept moving west into the bright setting sun

looking back east on one of the valley descents

I took point on Tent Cr road and into the setting sun. You had to be really careful, the road was soft and silty with pan head rocks just below the silt. After a couple big hits we slowed down our pace to save our rims.

We were both really getting tired at this point. Discussed either setting up camp in the dark, or running the remaining 30+ miles on NF-083 into McDermitt. Since we had so much fun on our last night ride, we decided to ride on into the night.

After a cold last few miles we pulled into McDermitt NV around 8:45pm, then located a cheap hotel room with 2 beds. After a hot shower and downing a couple quarts of gatorade we felt rejuvenated again. That was an absolute blast of a day, took a long while to settle down and go to sleep.

Next up Day 8 - Willow Cr Hot Springs and B-24 crash site...
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