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Originally Posted by sanjoh View Post
Have you ever wanted a little more protection on that long dualsport ride or just finished that gnarly trail and have a long stretch to get back to camp? Didn't plan to ride till dark but will never forget that last trail! Now you don't need to worry about that awesome stock headlight and mask, we've got a replacement in the works.

We've been working with other like minded riders to come up with this prototype.

Mounted on a 08 Husky TE450.

Made of fiberglass, available in black, white and additional color(s) and/or graphics options to be determined. Recessed light wells keep the lights out of harms way. The vertical features make the fairing rigid while keeping the weight down.

The fairing uses our proven led lights, from the Model 30 to the awesome Model 60, aluminum housing, oring sealed, waterproof. You choose the light configuration based on desired amount of light and available stator output.
The lower light is dimmable so as not to blind oncoming traffic, once you’ve set the level you like, the light will remain at that same level until you change it, a set it and forget it solution.

Not DOT legal, my experience thus far is that it works without annoying others. Want some serious light off road; hit the high beam switch and both lights go to full power. Yep, no additional switches on the bars. FULL power means 7200 lumens if you have 2 model 60s installed.

The Plug n Play option will be available for KTMs and Husqvarna as of now. Want a PnP option for your bike; send me a picture of your headlight connector and the pinouts/electrical connections.

We will offer the fork strap mount as used on the Husky and a KTM mount with 2 straps up top and the pins on bottom. If you have other suggestions on common mounting options, I am all ears.

Yet to be finalized. However as with all our products, it will be a great value. We expect a single light setup to be <$200. And install in 5 minutes, maybe 10 if you

Any and all feedback from YFFs is appreciated. Expected to be available in March 2012.
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