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Do you think AGM, FLA, GEL all charge to the same end voltage? The vehicle charging system has to me matched to the battery and temperature compensated. And most important of all, VRLA batteries should never be overcharged which is why most of them lead a short/shorter life. You can overcharge a FLA...just add water.

Do you want to see pics of piles of very dead and expensive 6T military AGM batteries?
where do see I think GM, FLA, GEL all charge to same end voltage? that's why I don't recommend gel cell batteries which do require a charger with slightly lower voltages. overcharging a gel could permanently damage it. AGM is really still a lead acid battery.

yes Gel and AGM can be killed by extended overcharging. hence why I don't recommend battery tenders for AGM, unless it's a model designed for AGM with current cutoff feature. then again one can kill LiFePO4 and Lithium cobalt and wet PB by extended overcharging too.

a normal charging system range from 13.8 to 14.2v, which can safely charge Gel, AGM and LiFePO4. but not lithium cobalt which does match 12v charging systems. not even getting into dangers of not stopping charge at set voltage. by the way, BMW still recommends Gel batteries depending on which model.

nothing above is new and is well understood ... hurts my head going backward digging all this back up
now back to our scheduled breakdown for Earth-X LiFePO4 batteries.

initial charge for Earth-X battery... max charge rate set for 5amp... battery is swallowing 2.7amp.. note lack of balance ports. Earth-X internal BMS will balance cells, making balance ports not necessary.

Powerlab8 finished charge at 14.4v ... volts is dropping, seeking resting volts. we'll see where battery voltage ends up at.
full charge/discharge/charge to determine actual amp hour capacity with a regenerative discharge/charge cycle with Powerlab8 soon.

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