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Bangkok Part 1

Noel finally arrives and the lads celebrate the re-union down at the "stumble Inn" bar. Owen and I are still snoozing but we join them eventually. The main focus of our evening is the corner bar where one catches the passing space-cadet show from both the main street and the entrance to the plaza. Food is ordered from right below us on the side-walk consisting of the local delights. Owen is itching to see a "show" so he, Brian and I walk into the Plaza and stick our heads into various sleazy go-go girly bars. We eventually choose one on the top floor where we had all seen a ping-pong show on the 2009 Vietnam-Laos ride. Same place, new owners different theme... Owen wants to sneak a strictly illegal photo of the girls and is spotted by one of them who reports him to management.

A rare and highly illegal Nana Plaza bar pic

He is confronted by a very angry manager who informs him that he will be beaten senseless by a bouncer. He tells her "let's not dwell on the past, what's done is done, let's talk about a happy future"...she scowls and walks off and to distract him from his naughtiness I ask Owen what he thinks of two very attractive women sitting watching the show near us. He says they are certainly very American leans over and says “hey dudes those are dudes"...
We beat a hasty retreat to the safety of the bars down below where the rest of the lads are drinking hard.

Nana Plaza shuts down at 2am so the local lady who owns the bar tells us her sister has a “night club” very close by that stays open until 6am. I gather the herd together as best as possible and we follow her around the corner where a “night club” is hastily created on the sidewalk for our benefit. Noel and Owen decide to spice things up a little with some impromptu Karaoke. A few tables down a bizarre collection of indeterminable-gender creatures are doing their best to entice drunken tourists into their web of smutty deceit.

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