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Originally Posted by Lone Rider View Post
From your post, it looks like you are already aware and have good judgement.
If you really, really wanted to brush up on some personal defense, maybe a short, quick krav maga course would be good.
Situational awareness is always the key.
Best to you...
+1 on the Krav Maga...I've taken a few classes and they are really useful, even if you can only take a few of them. They teach situational awareness and using your natural fight/flight instinct as part of your response.

The only other recommendation would be to make sure you learn at least the Arabic alphabet and a few greetings phrases. I moved to a Russian speaking area with only a rudimentary knowledge of Cyrillic (admittedly a much easier alphabet than Arabic) and I found that I couldn't read it fast enough to actually help with anything. So learn the alphabet and practice it enough to read quickly and under pressure.
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