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I agree. Oset's are amazing. I bought one brand new from the inventor himself, Ian Smith in Denver just before he moved back to the UK. While I was there at his house I watched Oliver ride his around their tiny yard turned into a trials obstacle course - he was junior state champion with kids a lot older. The company namesake, Oliver Smith Electric Trials.

I rode ours around the pool table a couple of times and my grandson never got into it, only rode it when he was over to visit twice. He has progressed to bigger bikes now so I'm selling it. It's the only "toy" for my grandkids that I kept here at my house instead of letting him take it home because I didn't want to see it get wrecked. In retrospect maybe I should have let him take it but now that window has passed as he is too big for it.

For sale, an Oset 16.0 24v with lots of new spare parts for $888. Like new on the Flea Market. Not considering shipping it at this point but...

I too considered being a dealer but the national sales rep lives in Denver an hour away so it doesn't make much sense. I'd love to see a better following for these as I think they make so much sense for kids to learn on. I hope you make your dream a reality, they just need a little publicity on how useful they are for kids around their own home to ride, like they would a bicycle without any gas or exhaust or noise or needing Dad around to kick it over and pick it back up, they are so light. Spread the word.

Sorry for the thread hijack. Keep it rolling.
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