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Originally Posted by Witold View Post
I also think the "bike swap" idea is almost a non-starter. The idea that 2 individuals will find each other's locations appealing and the scheduling will work for both of them - it's like caching lightening in a bottle.
For me at least, the bike swap doesn't necessary have to take place at the same time, or even the same year for that matter... I would be happy to have someone use my bike at any given time (where I'm not riding it myself) and then do my travel at a time that suits me best - and the other part too of course...

And yes, I realize there is a certain degree of trust involved in this and I would certainly imagine a bit of mailing back in forth to exchange information, answering question etc to build that trust.. And in the end its a very individual decision if this will work for you or not.. That's also why I posted up a bit of personal information about myself, just to give some idea of riding experience and who I am... In my experience most people are sensible, friendly and responsible, and for me at least the pros in bike swapping outweighs the cons, especially with a bit of homework...

Two Wheeled Tard... Touring the US starting from Chicago sounds pretty good to me, and if it has to wait till 2014 that's fine with me.. I'll be pretty busy during this upcoming summer anyway... And summer time from May till August is definitely the right time to tour Scandinavia as you'll have those long light summer evenings where it doesn't get dark until 11-12 pm, and when you get far enough up north, it doesn't really get dark at all... There is not much to see here in Denmark, but Sweden is just 1 hour ride away and half a day more you're in Norway with its breathtaking beautiful nature.. So if you decide this is something you want to go ahead with, just shoot me a pm...

Best regards - Alex.
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