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Originally Posted by maverick1 View Post
What service has to be done on a bike of this age/mileage?
You sound like you are kind of new to this stuff.
I think CC is going a little overboard with all that at once. His choice.
Iíd just change the engine oil & clean the oil & air filters, check other things for any problem, then ride it. The oil & filters are a must.
Deal with the rest only as as it comes up. Yeah, if the gas is that old you may have to deal with that. See how the gas smells & how it runs.
Wouldnít worry about 5 year old tires at all unless there is an obvious need. Itís not like they are 20 years old. Car rubber ainít that much different than bike rubber. How old are your car tires?
That 333 mile XT250 ad is still up. I know it doesnít mean it ainít sold. Gave you the link before.
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