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Originally Posted by sloryder View Post
"I'm looking for a high-end, practical, economical, do-it-all bike, not a price-point one. That includes sporty road riding, which should include lower weight (especially considering the limited power of the bike) and high quality, fully adjustable suspension." < From cls.

Would you give us a couple of examples of bikes which meet your critera? Thanks.
That's the problem, I don't know of any yet that meet what I'm looking for. I'm having a great time trying to find the perfect one, though. I love the MS 1200 Duc but it's not nearly enough reliable or economical; the Stroms are price-point and I prefer street wheels and tires on my bike; the Versys is great (and one of my current bikes) but it's not quite enough oomph and very price-point'ish; the Ninja K/Versys K drink too much gas and are heavier than they oughtta' be; etc., etc., etc. I'm aware there is no perfect bike but it's a great quest to play w/and, meanwhile, I love to ride different stuff and compare/contrast. It's all good. I still hope they'll come out w/a little more powerful and higher-end NC-X that will be the closest thing yet; an NCX-R, maybe? We shall see.
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