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Hi from Australia

Iam looking at someway of lowering the T Max i could do the seat but do not think that's going to do much. Is there a lowering kit out there? If someone has lowered the seat has it help and by how much.
I need to lower it about an 2 inches

Hi John, this is the radical solution adopted by my friend Colin Ferguson.
I still intend to do the same with my old Mk2 2004 Tmax.
The inspiration for Colin's conversion was riding the ComFFortMax which was started by Royce Creasey in 2002 and completed by Andrew Gibbens in 2005:
and Royce has since done a second ComFFortMax, based on a Mk3, for his brother, who has ridden it all over Europe.
The Japanese have done lowering kits for Tmaxes, but the problem then, if you just lower the whole machine, is that you quickly run out of ground clearance in corners. Having scraped a Mk3 Tmax both sides, just, with the standard setup I certainly wouldn't want to lower it.
In my view, Yamaha made a fundamental error in placing the fuel filler cap precisely where a 'short arse' wants to slide forward to in order to get his or her toes down onto terra firma. It has the second irritation of making it hard to use a 'scooter bag' because the bag is in the way every time you fill up. Nevertheless, I always use one, mainly to carry a padlock and chain. Yamaha (& BMW) should have done what Suzuki did with the Burgman 650 and put the fuel filler right out of the way on the side, car style.
(If anyone's interested my account of visiting the UK bike show at the NEC in Birmingham, by Tmax, can be read on line or downloaded for free as a PDF from It mentions all the latest superscooters and includes pictures of the Roland Sands dirt track Tmax, the new Burgman 650 and er, my own Mk3, complete with home made screen extension and Givi scooterbag).
PNB in London, UK
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