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Thanks for asking about my PayPal

I posted a while ago that rather than post it again I had decided to try and help my friend Stephanie raise money for a Learning Center in her small community of Little Corn Island Nicaragua.

Steph cycled, and I mean bicycled from Calgary Alberta, Canada to Nicaragua, over 10,000 k solo for her cause. She is driven to help others.

Sadly, I learned this morning, that 20 miles from her final destination she was struck by a car. Rather than send a donation to me I would love to see my readers donate to Steph's cause. There is no doubt in my mind this young lady will do far more good with the money than I ever could.

From what I've been told Steph is alright but has been sent to hospital for a scan on a large lump on her head and she has some road rash. She cannot find her bike and equipment because she can't remember what happened.

Please help Steph if you can

here is a link to her blog

Thanks to all in advance

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