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countershaft sprocket

hey guys sorry in advance for the stupid question...

i'm in the process of changing the chain and sprockets on my 2010 530 EXC, maintaining the stock gearing.

When I went to tighten the counter sprocket, and tightening as much as possible without breaking something, the big washer between the bolt and counter is still loose and I do not understand why.

Does the counter sprocket have a specific direction? By that I mean does the smooth end stay towards the outside while the side that is a bit raised towards the engine? I've tried both directions but it seems loose albeit vey little in either way...

I was so stoked to mount new ones that when I took the stock one off I did not even bother looking at the direction...

All stock KTM parts I am using by the way.

Hope someone out there can shed some light on this as I am jonesing to ride!

Thanks a bunch and braaaaaap!
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