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My 3 cents. I'm cheap. I had a Chev C1500 x cab 2WD longbox pickup that was perfect for hauling stuff. It had a bench seat instead of buckets that would fold flat so i could sleep in the cab. I bough it with 201k on it and drove it almost another 100k miles before some chick blasted into the side and totalled it. It was a 1/2 ton Chev so all mechanial parts were stupid cheap to buy. It had a couple of known issues with the Vortec 5.0, but a little ingenuity fixed that.

I used the insurance money to buy a Dodge 1 ton 15 passenger van that used to be a day care bus. I took out most of the seats but still have seating for 6. 3 bikes fit inside, but it's tight. Parts/tires are pricey because everything is built big and tough. I can tow around 8k with it IIRC, but I've only pulled up to 5k at a time. I get mid teens for gas mileage and if it ever gets anywhere off of a roud, you had better have a friend with a truck. I keep a tow strap and shovel on boar because it truly sucks to get 7000 pounds of van stuck.

Most cargo vehicles are used for hauling big/heavy stuff. The passenger vans, while having high miles, tend not to get loaded very heavy.

I would have rather had a different truck, but I couldn't justify the cost over the van.

I think a regular size 1/2 ton would be a better fit. I've had a few in the past, but I need the capacity these days. With a set of air bags on the rear, 2-3 dirtbikes and gear won't tax teh vehicle at all. I have a folding cot that I used in the back of mine.
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