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Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post
Now that it's winter, I'm getting the same two predictable questions nearly every day:

"You're not riding today... are you?" and/or "Are you stupid?"

I'm also getting a few more general comments, rather than questions. To summarize:

"You're stupid."

"You're crazy."

"You're a complete idiot."

"I think you ate too many paint chips as a kid."

"You need to have a mental health exam."

"I think your awesome devotion to riding every day is just smoking hot." (Always said by an equally smoking hot young lady.)

Okay, I lied about that last one. Smoking hot women don't talk to me.
This morning I'm filling up. Temp around 10 F. Wind around 30. Blowing snow. Guy walks over from his 4x4 pickup says:
"Are you crazy?"
I say the only appropriate thing: "Yes." He laughs and walks back to his truck.
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